Bones fot Life

The Association Priroda kretanja (Nature of movement) organize exercizes and courses according to the Bones for life (BFL) method

This programe of exercises is highly successful and suitable for everibody, regardless of age and physical condition. It can be applied on a daily basis for personal use or in work with others.

What is Bones for Life?
Bones for Life is a unique way to exercise/learn natural movement and graceful posture. It aims to tune the body mobility system and create the conditions for strenghtening bones.

The founder, Ruthy Alon, (born 1930), is an Israeli senior trainer of Moshe Feldenkrais method of movement "Awareness through movement". This method is said not to be just learning about physical movement, but that the processes introduced by Feldenkrais also raise the overall skills and creativity in humans.
She is a creator of the programmes called "Conscious Eating", "Walk for Life", and "Bones for Life."
Bones for Life programe is conducted in more than 29 countries worldwide, and Ruthy Alon is the best example of how the method is effective. In her age of 82 she moves in a supple and elegant way, and she says that from year to year she moves better and better.

What is it based on?
BFL program is based on the principles of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic learning with an emphasis on working with the body in an upright position and dynamic confrontation with gravity, which makes a basis for stimulation of bone strength.

How is it put into practice?
The method is implemented through a series of practical exercises that are performed on the floor, on chairs and in the standing position. Used tools: the wall as a support, light wrist and ankle weights and strips of cloth.

Why BFL?
BFL helps in:
- restoring the natural intelligence of the body
- strengthening the bones
- improving mobility and flexibility
- achieving better organization and coordination of movement
- regulating muscle tension
- reducing the risk of falls and fractures
- recovery of spontaneous elasticity of the joints
- improving the work of the central nervous system
- improving the emotional and mental health
- reducing stress and releasing pain

BFL sharpens sensation and perception of motion, stirs curiosity and creativity, trains the processes of thinking and concentration, and restores biological optimism.

By practicing BFL new possibilities for action, movement, thinking and feeling are being revealed.

Who do we invite?
- You who want to improve posture and learn how to better use your body;
- You who want to prevent the occurrence or progression of osteoporosis in a natural way;
- You who have problems or limitations in movement, after an illness or the type of work that you do (hairdressers, musicians, dentists, dancers ...);
- You who work with people on promotion of their health (physical therapists and rehabilitators – therapists of special education, speech therapists and psychologists, teachers of dance, yoga, pilates...)
- exercise scientists – kinesiologists who work in schools, sports schools or societies;
- You who would like to become professional BFL teachers and trainers.

What does Basic Bones for Life Programme include?

Basic Bones for Life program contains 90 processes in three parts/courses (I, II, III) which include:
- introduction to the characteristics of walking needed to stimulate bone strength (dynamics, elasticity, rhythm...)
- practicing of effective ways to move and work in an upright position (interaction of internal and external forces of motion with gravitational force)
- organizing and aligning the skeleton so as to enable the successful transfer of ground reactive force through the body by a domino effect on the optimal trajectory
- training skills of movement by using a pattern of wave motion (proportional flexibility) and a pattern of axis motion ( unity). Together this gives a reliable organization of the body for anti-gravity movements
- improving the coordination of movement in functions such as pulling, pushing, or with resistance movements in a way that optimizes the use of force
- practicing of more challenging anti-gravity movements while: bouncing on heels, changing position, getting up from lying or sitting, walking up and down stairs / slope, running and jumping
- lifting weights with proportional engagement of the entire body
- improving the quality of coordination through a variety of natural evolutionary modes of locomotion that propel movement, such as creeping, crawling and primal swimming.

Information and contact:
Udruga Priroda kretanja,
Šestinski trg 5, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 4637 719

Ingrid Kecerin Kasumagi?, Prof. Of Physical Education, BFL Coordinator for Croatia
Mob. phone: +385 91 506 9505
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it