Feldenkrais® and Anat Baniel(sm) Workshop

Venue: Šestinski vijenac 2, Zagreb, Croatia
May 26 – 29, 2018
Instructor: Nancy Aberle and support team of Feldenkrais and ABM practitioners
Languages: English and Croatian

This workshop is intended for:
- Parents of children with developmental difficulties and disabilities
- Parents who want to help their children improve motor coordination and cognitive development
- Professionals who work with children (physiotherapist, special education teachers, kinesiologists, educators, physicians, Feldenkrais practitioners and others)
-  Everyone who wishes to enhance their health and well-being through somatic and neuro-motor learning


Theme: Paradigm Shift from Mechanical to Informational Approach

For the seventh time in Zagreb, instructor Nancy Aberle is running a seminar on the techniques and principles of the Moshe Feldenkrais® and Anat Baniel(sm) methods, and their implementation in terms of working with children and adults.

During the group lectures, special emphasis will be on the process of somatic learning and ideas about how to learn. We will be discovering how to use the movements from the repertoire of the sensorimotor period of child development as the material for learning. Healthy children, who are not recovering from trauma or illness, progress through the developmental milestones all by themselves. However, these milestones (i.e., controlling the movement of the head, reaching, grabbing, rolling, sitting, etc.) happen as a result of brain plasticity, experimentation, and learning.


There is a fundamental change in approach to bodywork when one goes from using a mechanical model to an informational model. Parents say that they experience a shift in their underlying assumptions about their child’s ability to learn and improve.
There is a difference in the quality of touch and the goals that are set for the child, when using a mechanical approach as opposed to an informational approach.
When we as parents or professionals understand more about brain plasticity and movement, development and learning process, we can better support ourselves (our health, vitality, behaviour) and our children, as well as the child’s ability to act.
Functional integration lectures will be individually carried out by experienced practitioners. Lectures for children with difficulties are free and all the attendants will be able to contact practitioners and find answers on specific problems.

The workshop consists of two parts: the seminary and clinical:
26 and 27 May two-day seminar for parents and professionals (incl. Feldenkrais & ABM practitioners):
theoretical and practical part for parents and professionals under the guidance of the instructor, Nancy Aberle. She is going to lead us through the Awareness through Movement group lessons, and through Functional Integration by means of a touch working with another person. Additionally, this will be demonstrated through a lessons with a child.
Timetable: 10 – 5 pm with a lunch break (1:30 – 3 pm) and brief coffee and tea breaks

28 and 29 May - two days of FREE individual lessons (Functional Integration) for children and counseling to parents and professionals:
a team of experienced Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method Practitioners will be giving free lessons to the children once or twice a day. Both parents and professionals can benefit from learning hands-on techniques that can be applied in daily life.

During these two days Nancy is going to pay special attention to the work of the practitioners with children and to communication with parents and professionals. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk about the application of the methods and principles regarding the specific difficulties of children and their parents.
Timetable: 10 - 11, 11 – 12, 12 – 1 pm - lunch, 3 pm – 4 pm, 4 pm – 5 pm, 5 pm – 6 pm 
practitioners are working with children simultaneously.


Parents experience:
„Our son's rehabilitation can be divided into the period before and after Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel methods. Their nine principles unmasked most misconceptions regarding therapeutical activities that we, as parents, were guided by. They offered us healthier and more efficient alternative. The psychology of efficient and enjoyable learning, combined with the insight into basic principles of neurological functioning, gave us a completely different perspective.“

NANCY ABERLE has had a full-time Feldenkrais practice in Zurich since 1998 and specializes in working with babies and children. Nancy is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and a certified practitioner in the Anat Baniel Method for Children, based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais. Since 2004, she has been giving advanced training to Feldenkrais practitioners and workshops for parents of children with disabilities.

Kindly fill the application form on: /download application form/, and send it by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by surface mail to Udruga priroda kretanja, Šestinski trg 5, 10 000 Zagreb.

Price and payment:
The price of the workshop is 340 €. If the payment is received by 15 April, the price is 300 €.
Please specify purpose of payment: for Feldenkrais and ABM method.
All payments needs to be made by 10 May 2018.

Šestinski vijenac 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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